The Real Deal

freight image 2CSR has manufactured Hebel  for over 20 years in Somersby, NSW.  Aerostone has been the WA state distributor for the past 16 years. In applying good old fashion WA ingenuity, Aerostone has transformed the Hebel into add on features for the residential market.

Due to the vast distance from NSW, the product has been relatively expensive as a mainstream building material, with the added freight costs, but, NO MORE!

CSR, through negotiations with Hebel Global, has arranged the  supply of “Hebel” to the WA market with full CSR Hebel warranties. In virtually eliminating the transport costs, we can now offer the savings to the building market.  Although other AAC products are available worldwide, Hebel is the original and the only one warranted by the Australian national company, CSR Hebel.