Have a look at what sun shades are and the different options out there

Sun shades are perfect to control the interior temp of a home.

Keep your home cool and comfortable

Having the sun shining on your face at 6am on your day off is not fun. Having the interior of your home feel like a furnace in summer is also not ideal. That’s precisely why sun shades should be an important addition to any home.

Sun Shades vs Louvres

Are sun shades the same as louvres? Similar yes, but not the same. The clue is in the name. Sun shades refer to a wide variety of products, which are placed around the exterior of the house, to control the amount of direct sunlight that filters into the home. If the inside of your house receives too much sunlight, it could negatively affect your temperature cooling costs and subsequent energy consumption. Adversely, if you live in an area with limited sunlight, sun shades can be used to make the most of this by directing most of the light into your home. This in turn could then lower your heating costs.


Louvres on the other hand are placed directly over the exterior of the window, similar to a shutter in that it covers the entire window. These louvres have horizontal slats, which can be adjusted in some cases, to allow a certain amount of sunlight and air to come through into the home.

Various Styles of Sun Shades

Sun shades come in various styles, making finding your ideal option easier. Awnings are a popular choice and come in a range of colours to complement your home’s exterior. Materials include vinyl and polyester, the benefits include fire resistance and weather durability.


An increasingly popular option is a shade sail. These sails come in many colours and can be used to cover patios or porches. The material can also be custom cut to suit the space. It is a more cost-effective option, but still very durable. The fabric that you decide to use will impact the level of UV protection that the shade offers.


Slatted wooden shades above windows are great for blocking direct sunlight without compromising on the outside views. They also add to the aesthetic appeal of the exterior of your home, can be painted in any color, and still allow fresh air to come into the home.


A bit of a different concept is using roller blinds around the exterior of your home. Durable material can block out the sun and add a unique feature to your home. It also offers a high level of privacy to the interior of your home.


The type of sun shade you choose is really dependent on your needs. However, there are plenty of benefits regardless of which one you decide on. Enhancing the exterior of your home is definitely one advantage, but it can also change the interior temperature of your home, which could result in lower energy consumption.