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Tagline Logo New1.fwAerostone mouldings are a beautiful and durable alternative to external plastered features. Manufactured in WA from blocks of Hebel aerated concrete, these masonry products are adhered to walls, archways, windows and ledges, providing intricate detail and personality to residential and commercial buildings.

Aerostone mouldings feel as solid as brick and plaster, however they’re completely pre-fabricated and very light weight. This makes them much easier for DIY builders to install, and ensures you spend less money on contractors. Alternatively, our skilled team can install them for you.

The Aerostone range includes traditional plain banding, which replaces protruding brick and render, as well as profiled bands for sills, surrounds, and parapets.

To view the full range of custom profiles and receive expert advice on installation, visit our Welshpool showroom. You can also explore the full range of Aerostone products by downloading our catalogue or visiting our Aerostone website

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