Learn more about the many uses of architectural metalwork

Metal is now used to enhance the beauty of a home.

Metal has become more than just nuts and bolts

Metal has come a long way from when it was discovered thousands of years ago. Throughout history, it has been used to make tools, jewellery and furniture. More importantly, it has been, and is still being, used to build long-standing monuments and other buildings.

Enhance a Buildings Beauty 

However, metal is more than just cold iron used to construct skyscrapers. Thanks to architectural metalwork (AMW), it has become a thing of beauty used not just to construct, but to enhance and beautify as well.

It’s not just the beams holding up a building anymore. It’s now a breath-taking balustrade, a striking staircase and so much more.

You may be used to seeing aluminium, copper and zinc being used for taps, sinks and water pipes, but metal is gaining increasing popularity for other reasons. Architects all over are turning more and more to this versatile medium to make a strong impression, and to ensure that whatever they’re building lasts for years to come.

Just think about it, steel or metal risers or staircases instantly add a modern element to any space. Clean surfaces, crisp lines and a range of finishes will definitely make it an eye-catching part of any room. Whether its brushed, polished or painted, it’s a great way to instantly give any room a makeover.

You don’t need to stop at only having metal risers. Metal handrails or balustrades can add a dramatic effect to any staircase. A rustic wrought-iron balustrade can be as ornate or as simple as you want. A metal handrail is also extremely solid, and will provide heavy-duty safety for you and your family. Because of its durability, metal staircases can also be installed outside as they fare really well against the elements.

Metal can Enhance the Interior and Exterior of a Building

Metal is not just being used in the interior of homes, offices and other buildings. A great, and unique, idea is to have copper cladding around the exterior of your property. It’s the perfect way to stand out from the rest of your neighbours! V-shaped steel siding around the outside of your home is also quite eye catching, especially when the natural sunlight reflects off of all of those angles.

So, just why has metal become the new popular kid on the architectural block? For one, it’s extremely versatile and as you’ve read, offers both interior and exterior uses. It can be used for purely practical means, or as a decorative element. Also, providing you maintain it, it will last you for years to come. In addition, depending on its use, it will need much less maintenance than wood or some other materials.

It’s sleek, it’s modern and it has become a must-have feature in any home or office.