Hebel Commercial Products

Hebel systems are fast to construct and easy to use.

If your business or organisation is looking for an effective commercial flooring and cladding solution, look no further. Linear Architectural Systems is the authorised WA distributor for Hebel blocks, walls and panels. It is a popular choice among innovative commercial building materials, and a product we know through and through. Our role as the distributor is a testament to the reliable service we offer and the consistently high standards we hold ourselves to when dealing with our valued clients. Contact us today for commercial cladding services and systems you can rely on.

Depend on the experts

Our dedicated team has extensive experience working with Hebel products in numerous commercial flooring and cladding projects and will take the time and care to understand your bespoke needs and requirements. This is the key to our superior service delivery – understanding you, our valued client. We’ll equip you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and ensure your project is successfully completed, on time and on budget.



  • Commercial walls

Hebel is suitable for both internal and external walls. Its solid construction provides excellent acoustic and insulation properties, blocking noise and reducing energy costs. It can be installed quickly by regular tradespeople and can be painted or rendered.

  • Commercial floors

Hebel Powerfloor has the feeling of solid concrete underfoot, but is significantly cheaper to install. The reinforced structure makes it strong enough for marble, slate, tile and other hard surface floors, as well as carpet, vinyl, timber boards and decorative finishes. Footfall noise from upper levels is significantly reduced and improved thermal efficiency adds to the energy efficiency rating of the building.

  • Commercial fence

There’s a reason why Hebel Powerfence is used to line freeways and rail corridors; it’s an extremely effective sound barrier. Luckily for home builders, it’s stylish and easy to erect too.


Why your building needs Hebel

  • Value for money

Our commercial building supplies are competitively priced. The light weight panels allow for reduced structural components and smaller lifting equipment which costs less. What’s more, the faster speed of installation and reduced structural sizes mean further cost savings compared to traditional masonry construction. Hebel is a cost-effective material for commercial buildings, such as high-rise structures, retail and offices.

  • Efficiency

Easy to transport and handle, our Hebel products offer rapid installation allowing for shorter construction times, which in turn will save you money during the course of completing your project.

  • Flexibility

The range of commercial wall panels and cladding we supply is easily cut and routed on site. This means you can ensure construction is suited to your specific requirements. It’s also versatile enough to be rendered, tiled or painted without any preparation.

For product information, local availability and expert advice, contact us