Residential Walls

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Hebel is suitable for both internal and external walls. Its solid construction provides excellent acoustic and insulation properties, blocking noise and reducing energy costs. It can be installed quickly by regular tradespeople, removing the need for expensive and messy bricklayers, and can be painted or rendered.

External Walls

There are multiple methods for building external walls with Hebel, including options to be used with timber or steel framing, lintels, and no framing. Most options can be installed by carpenters, however, some configurations are best left to the experts. Contact us to find out which option is most suited to your project.

Internal Walls

Hebel internal walls are extremely slim, as thin as 75mm, yet they’re solid enough to be a strong barrier against sound, heat transfer and fire. Maximise living space without compromising comfort and safety.

Hebel – Design and Installation Guides – Comprehensive specifications for each Hebel system can be found in these guides (click here to view now)


Twin Panel System

Linear Architectural System’s AAC division, Aerostone, has developed a wall system specifically for the WA market using Hebel product. Take a look at TPS, the Twin Panel System

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