Sound Absorbtion

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With sound insulating levels at or above Rw + Ctr = 50, and sound transmission loss of up to 43db, Hebel is an extremely efficient and cost effective option for sound proofing. We have applied this product in power plants and electrical substations to protect workers and nearby residents from the noise of generators and other machinery. It’s also commonly used for cinema walls.

Sound Barriers

The Hebel SoundBarrier system has been used by road authorities, councils and developers across Australia for over 20 years. With a simple post and pier construction, this light weight system is cost effective to install and has a high level of design versatility. Panels can be routed with beautifully creative designs, from simple geometric patterns and signage, to custom artwork.


An example of our application of this product can be seen on the Mitchell Freeway southbound at the Whitfords Avenue exit.

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