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pdf_attachment_0_title: Hebel PowerBase+PowerFinish Application Guide
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pdf_attachment_1_title: Hebel HighBuild Application Guide

The perfect way to a great finish

CSR Hebel has worked closely with the leading coating manufacturer Dulux AcraTex to develop a range of finishing options for all Hebel systems. 

From simple acrylic coatings to high build renders and textures, Hebel has a system that will not only meet the aesthetic requirements for your project but also provides inherent flexibility to reduce cracking.

Aerostone supplies three Acratex finishes for walls and fences.

Click on links above for Dulux technical information or download the Hebel application guide pdf’s below

Easy to work with, Hebel and Dulux coatings have been designed to help you achieve the perfect finish to any Hebel project, including the highly sought after smooth, monolithic look. The coating systems have been engineered to accommodate the thermal expansion and contraction and physical characteristics that are unique to Hebel.

 Aerostone also offers:-

Coharo Coatings: for a Polished Concrete look. Click here for more information

Rockcote:  For alternative Renders and Coating. Click here for more information

 duluxCoharo Rockcote



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